Saturday, April 23, 2016

Louisa Macdonald Letter to Her Son.

Luisa Macdonald to her son Maurice
From Altoona Pennsylvania February 16, 1873
Six years later Maurice died, Maurice Macdonald 1864-1879

My dearest Maurice, I was very sorry I could not write to you on the 7th of February, my darling, precious little son-you are not forgotten by your father and mother….

People that love each other can't be very far off each other, thought a great sea comes in between them. Love joins us, doesn't it, dear boy? When you are thinking of me you have got me, and when I think about you I know you are mine. I know God gave you to me and so you are mine; and I can think of your dear face and the loving little kiss and the loving little way you have of doing things for me: that brings you quite close to my mind, and then my heart holds you very tight when I get hold of you so!....

But all of your life God will be nearer to you than I can ever be, and He can help you more than Papa or I ever can. You are more His even than mine. We may often mistake you, or be so far away that we cannot look at you just the minute you want something; but God the great Father will never misunderstand you and He is always near you and helps every time you call to HIm. Even when you only wish you could speak to Him, He will help you speak- making you want it. So dear darling Boy, you must take care not to send Him away, but ask Him to come into you more and more...