Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Place

Little Piece of Paradise!

It does not look like much and it really is not much but that makes it all the sweeter. The weather this week and come to think of it for the last two weeks has been glorious. I was chilly in the shade so I got to wrap up in a wool blanket while reading my latest book of interest.

I am enjoying this biography of my favorite writer authored by Michael Phillips. The life and times of George Macdonald are quite interesting to me and the letters he and his wife exchanged that are included in the text are an inspiration.

Macdonald writes to his wife to be October 24, 1848

" Is love a beautiful thing, dearest? You and I love: but who created love? Let us ask him to purify our love and make it stronger and more real and more self-denying. I want to love you for ever so that, though there is not marrying ........ in heaven, we may see each other there as the best beloved. Oh Louisa, is it not true that our life is a growing unto life, and our death is a being born - our true birth? If there is anything beautiful in this our dreamy life shall in not shine forth in glory in the bright waking consciousness of heaven? And in our life together, my dear dear Louisa, if it please God thea we should pass any part of our life together here, shall it not still shine when the cloud in over my head? I may see the light shining from your face, and when darkness is around you, you may see the light on mine, and thus we shall take courage. But we can only expect to have this light within us and on our faces - we can only expect to be a blessing to each other - by doing that which is right......."