Monday, February 15, 2016

Tim Paskert guest speaker at Manhattan Baptist Church

Tim Paskert Preaching

A friend of mine Tim Paskert Spoke at a church Sunday (Manhattan Baptist). He has been a kind of circuit rider of late and invited a bunch of men from a morning Bible study I attend to come.

Tim Paskert Preaching

Tim is an interesting fellow to say the least. Wherever he goes you are going to know he is there. He claims there was a time in his younger years when he actually believed that there is no God. If you did not know him then you would be hard pressed to picture Tim without God. I did not know him them but I am told He was only a little less fervent about sharing his faith for atheism than he now is about the Gospel of my Lord and rescuer Jesus!

Tim continues to humble himself before the Lord and the Lord faithfully gives him Grace to share his passion for the Truth of God's Word. I was blessed and encouraged by the hearing!

Here is a bit more about Tim and his family.

Thank you Lord for my Christian brothers.