Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twin 40s Birthday Party

Twin 40s

Birthday parties are interesting occurrences. Very rarely does one ever get what they really want on their birthday. Most folks could never afford to get the fantastic things an individual might want if they could have anything.

Twin 40sTwin 40sTwin 40sTwin 40s

Of course this can be offset with the food at birthday parties!

Birthday parties are about individual focus. They are really best celebrated by happy families. They give a group of friends time to pause and appreciate the presence of someone  in their lives who one day will not be there. They also remind us we are no different. The mother of the person celebrating a birthday is the one who should receive any gifts. It was on that day she was most aware. We did nothing on the day of our births to merit anything.

Twin 40s

Twins can really shine on their birthdays. Teamwork seems to make entertaining an easier chore.