Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cathie Mckenzie Did Not Like My Video

I just read a comment made today of a video I uploaded back in 2008 called Inverness Poultry Show. Here is what she wanted me to know:


Cathie Mckenzie 4 hours ago

I can't believe that no one else commented on this Video ! It is titled "Inverness Poultry Show, and that part of it was a pretty poor attempt. A bit of Audio with some of the Exhibitors, and the Judges would have been nice. Actually showing some of the Division Winners would have been nice, and maybe getting a few words from the Winners.....but Nooooo ! You chose to give us nearly as much time of senseless driving in the rain, bushes bushes bushes, more bushes than chickens !! The end really knocked me out, and NOT in a good way ! You have HORRIBLE eating habits, could you have packed any more starches on that plate ? Were you actually thinking of getting some of the corn ? I'm just wasting my time. This was pretty pathetic, i hope youv'e gotten better after 6 yrs, or maybe your camera broke and you never Filmed another thing ! YAY !!

The internet is such a strange place but it can’t help it I guess cause we humans are strange.

Cathie from Illinois describes herself thusly

Retired Psychiatric RN,Mom,Grama,Great Grama,Aunt,Great Aunt,and Animal Lover. What else do you need to know. I'm a normal lady,love life,some people,wish I was a better Artist.

cathie mekenzie

I have never felt so despised but it is nice to know she is concerned about my health. Cathie God bless you and happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three or Four Owlets!

Three or Four Owlets!

Looks like a pile of cotton balls and I am not sure how many there are but at least three! Looks like Owliver and Owlivia are finding plenty of prey to feed these little ones!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nikon D600 Shutter Replacement and Sensor Cleaning.

I recently received this email.



delighted at the prospect of having a know issue repaired at no cost to myself (other than the absence of my money machine) I sent it in.

Here is the only correspondence I received over the 16 days the camera was away.


Here is the document included in the box when I unpacked it.


I appreciate Nikon’s efforts to make good on a nagging issue.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Owlets are Out of the Shells!


White and fluffy, you can make out two that have hatched. I am very happy about this after lasts years disappointment! Hopefully the other two eggs that we know about have hatched and the owlets are hidden under momma! God is the God of Wonders. He made these little flapping things to share with us!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Screech Owls Doing Well

The Screech Owls seem to be thriving! They are ever vigilant! It should not be long before the eggs hatch if they are going to. 30 Days is an average. I hope to seem little Owl faces peeking after another month or so!