Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is not the government’s money

Tax time is fast approaching and the truth is there is less and less money to go around. With all this lack of funds it is the bureaucracy that throws so much of it around that will find itself lacking more than ever. What to do? Tax more of the peoples money from them to keep the government supplied. If you you have any doubts just listen to our “glorious” leader and his new "financial crisis responsibility fee".

The bailout should have never happened to begin with but it is quite evident it was in large part a ploy by the government to begin a takeover of the economy an any entity that could have at one time been considered privately owned. There is a real battle brewing and after April 14th when they tax revenues are tallied I would image this government which has been spending money the American people do not have since the second term of George W. will continue to take drastic and ever increasingly socialists steps to feed itself. The only thing growing in this country at the moment is government bureaucracy and the ranks of the IRS.