Friday, January 15, 2010


Approx.10640 sq. miles for approx. 9,035,536 people minus the those killed in the earthquake. An economy artificially sustained by decades of charity and natural resources severely damaged by inhabitants struggling to subsist day by day. A history of corrupt leadership and lawlessness. One powerful earthquake very near the capital city of poorly constructed buildings and what do you get? Misery second only to what awaits the citizens of Hell.

It is amazing to think that the majority of the population have already been living in conditions not so different from the conditions after this quake. For those who survive that next few week their will be more resources than they have ever had access to. For better or for worse and it will be both it will be interesting to see the outcome.

What an amazing country we live in here in America. A government structure founded on Biblical principals that have brought us through 200 years with freedom and periodic prosperity we live a life so many in other parts of the world cannot even begin to understand. Our future certainly holds natural disasters of this magnitude and you can be sure we must be prepared to rely on ourselves to recover.

With God it is about the individual. He desires that not one person be lost to an eternity separated from Him. Haiti has all the signs of being a hopeless mess but each and every individual has an the capacity to turn to God and choose adoption into His kingdom. It is a walk by faith not by sight wonderland.