Thursday, September 14, 2006

McCamping 7

The date of the 7th McCamping trip has been established for a few months now and it is time for me to make my obligatory blog post concerning the event. So here ya go.

This is the email received from the organizer!

Okay, the verdict is in.
The camping trip at Ft. Desoto park will be Nov. 17th and Nov.18th. We (the McFaddens are at site # 17), the ?????????? are at site # 24, the ??????????? are at site # 15. That is all we know for now. We hope lots of people can come. Anywhere in that vicinity will be fine, and as of today, Monday, the 5th of June there were many sites in that area.

I sent this to as many people as I thought were interested. Sorry if you receive it twice, my e-mail address book is a mess. Please feel free to forward it to anyone you think might be interested.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoy your summer!

Deb for the McFaddens

Here how you get on board for the fun.

Fort Desoto Park
St. Pete, Florida. Camping reservations

Here are some links to past trips.
Link1 Link2 link3 link4

Hurricanes you say here is what we have done in the past.
Here is an email I sent to all those contemplating bailing the McCamping 5. of course most folks had the good sence to bail anyway but we went and had a fab time.

Mr. Billy has been waiting for this trip far to long not to go. I realize that some of the less experienced of us may not survive the weekend but I simply must insist that everyone show up.
If they close the park we can wade in from the South West side of the entrance and access the park from the water. It may take several trips to get all the gear there but the ladies can haul all the stuff while the men create a circle of chairs, start a fire and relax. The small children can be ferried to the campground floating in coolers. We should also bring food appropriate for the anticipated conditions. It is quite possible that with 80mph winds we will not be able to keep a fire going so sandwiches and chips are probably our best bet. We should also consider bringing a couple pump style water purifiers in case we have to spend more than five days in the park. When the high winds start the children need to be put into the heavier vehicles. This will keep them from blowing around the camp site. You can be sure that they will become quite miserable but what a great opportunity for them to learn how to survive in these perilous times. Never before has a McCamping trip had so many wonderful church families signed up and this is why we must press on even in the face of the largest hurricane on record.

As Christians we need not fear death. Just think how great it would be to show up in heaven with so many dear friends from church all at the very same time. This is why (not to mention I was going to have a super time with all your great little people) we have no choice but to go.

Even if you cannot get reservation to stay please do not hesitate to come out Saturday anytime to share in the fellowship!

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