Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TECO Energy Osprey Excluder

TECO Nest Excluder Install

Tampa Electric paid a visit to the neighborhood today. For the last two years we have a two attempts by a pair of pairs of Ospreys to construct a nest atop a power pole. This was very entertaining but they were never able to get enough material to make their nest a success. I do not know how TECO became involved but it was interesting to watch them in action.

Ospreys who built nests at the tops of power poles run the risk of having their work and possibly their offspring go up in flames so Tampa Electric’s arrival was timely. I am disappointed with the solution they chose but I understand the necessity of keeping the lines clear. Below is a video illustrating what can happen when rain saturates a nest that is constructed in a manner that brings it into contact with multiple wires.

Here is the approach they took in our neighborhood.

They did a fine job just wish they would have put the effort into erecting a nesting platform.

TECO Nest Excluder Install

TECO Nest Excluder Install

It will be interesting to see how long these two stick around. Below are a couple image depicting what I hoped they would do.

Update February 16, 2015

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