Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ordering Verizon Fios

Internet access and cellular service are just too expensive. I know this is America and I am all for free enterprise and market forces but we have become a pseudo socialist democracy. The fault lies with each of us for paying more than we should and for letting ourselves be treated as though we exist for producers rather than the producer existing for the consumer.

I have been dreading switching internet service providers but Bright House just keeps raising the monthly price and for speeds and performance that are dismal. Many time their services just cut out completely.

My dealings with verizon in the past have shown me that they are deceptive and greedy but they are the only viable alternative. Below is the audio of the ordering process.

It has been a couple weeks and I sit here typing the fiber optic cable is still laying on the grass unburied.

The line had to be spliced which I enjoyed watching. The Tech was an expert.

Our phone service did go dead on the 18th a few days after internet was turned on. I do believe they shut it down in an attempt to get me to switch the phone to digital fiber signal but I will never be able to prove it. Years ago they shut off my DSL without my permission and despite many phone calls and much wasted time refused to reestablish the service. They have very little regard for what the customer desires and will do everything in there power to force you into their mold. It is demoralizing to have to do business with them.


Doing verizon's job for them

It was January 14, 2015 when the 4 techs came out and ran new fiber optic cable and hooked up Fios internet service to the house. It is now February 4, 2015 and I just finished burying the over 60' cable after getting tired of having it running all over the lawn.