Monday, November 10, 2014

The Thief and the Scion

The Thief and the Scion.

Recently while fishing a fellow human decided for their own enrichment to visit a little anarchy on property where the Scion XB was parked and waiting for our return. Maybe $10 was stolen from the console and the thief went on their miserable way to spread a little bit of chaos in another part of the county.

I made a police report just to record the incident in the anoles of  civilized society and then started making calls to find out how much restoring order to the universe would cost. Average price for repairs was pretty consistent. $310 to for glass and installation with the first available appointment after the weekend.

Too much money I have no doubt but that what you pay when businesses have payroll taxes, income, business license fees, workers compensation taxes and insurance of all kinds being extracted by the world's largest bureaucracy.

There is always a work around so I set about trying to locate a replacement from a salvage yard. If I do the work myself and get the glass at much reduced price I could save huge money. The second salvage yard I call has the glass I need at a great price! Gagel's auto parts inc. in Riverview has one on the self and uncharacteristically chipper scrap yard employ tells me on the other end of the line.

The Thief and the Scion.

It even came included with the former vehicles vinyl lettering and tint film. Halleluyah
with a little scrapping and peeling the GoBox will be back to it's rightful self. the glass was a mere $38 dollars. This means that if I can install it myself the total cost will be Just over $55 dollars! The following video will reveal the final result of the whole adventure!