Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cracked Fuel Line, Bait Stealers and Shattered Glass!

Fishing November 5

Wednesday on the water was great but the fish were not biting, at least the species we were trying to hook. The rod holders worked very well and the lights are placed well. It took ten minutes for us to have out first challenging incident and they kept coming all day long.

Fishing November 5

The weather was beautiful, man made climate change is a protection racket being perpetrated by liberal progressives, so we enjoyed the environment guilt free.

Fishing November 5Fishing November 5

Most of the time was spent providing free meals little bait stealers.

This is what we found when we returned to the GoBox. A fellow human had shattered the passenger rear window and stolen $10 in cash leaving over $300 in damage which will be well under the $500 insurance deductible. Another day in the life on the planet of the apes.