Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HD car radio converted into home stereo receiver.

HD Car Stereo Conversion
HD "Hybrid Digital" radio takes broadcast radio and makes it three times better! I have had a digital radio in my vehicle for a couple years now and the sound quality combined with almost three times the programming choices has made it a purchase I have not regretted. HD radio is free and adds extra information and quality to any program you are tuning in!
Recently I finally got so frustrated with the radio in the house I decided to do something about it. I would come back from a drive and would miss the classical and jazz music stations that were only available on my HD radio. I realized that there was no reason to do without so I spent some time working around the problem.
Now I can tune in over 50 station and the audio in the house has never sounded better.
HD Car Stereo Conversion
It amazes me how few practical portable hd radios are available but I suspect this is a result of technologies that will soon have everything broadcast over internet connected multimedia devices. Anyone hacking together one of these radios should be very cautious as it is a good way to burn down your abode. when not in use or left unattended any home made electrical device should be unplugged!

Breaking News!

There is now a very good table top HD radio available!
Insignia™ - HD Radio Tabletop Radio - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-HDRAD
  • SKU: 4635744