Friday, March 9, 2012

Britton 8 Theater


I just returned from the Britton 8 Theater where I watch a showing of John Carter. I had not been to the Britton 8 for years and it was really enjoyable to walk through the theater of my childhood. At one time my brother even worked there. They have really tidied the place up and I got that feeling of stepping back into a time where I felt at home. I am not old enough to feel left behind but I am beginning to understand what nostalgia is all about. This is the first time I have made mention of anything of the sort.

Here is a really great site that has a post about the theater complete with a bit of it’s history and some images!
The movie John Carter was very good as well with a pleasing old fashion story line that did not insult the intelligence of the audience. There were a few profane words but other than that it was just great for me.