Monday, February 6, 2012

The Flight Of Shadows

I just finished The Flight of Shadows  by my favorite author George Macdonald. This is a book I found while looking for public domain matrial to load on the new Sony PRS-T1 ereader. I have read a few of Macdonald’s books and enjoyed them but this one which I was unaware existed is the best I have read of his yet! I have included some quotes below.

“No one who loves and chooses a secret can be of the pure in heart that shall see God.”

"Never, my little one, hide anything from those that love you. Never let anything that makes itself a nest in your heart, grow into a secret, for then at once it will begin to eat a hole in it.”

“One thing I am sure of—that, however any good thing came, I did not make it; I can only be glad and thankful that in me it came to the surface, to tell me how beautiful must he be who thought of it, and made it in me. Then surely one is nearer, if not to God himself, yet to the things God loves, in the country than amid ugly houses—things that could not have been invented by God, though he made the man that made them.”

Truly a life changing tale for those who have an abiding faith in the love of Jesus!