Friday, July 15, 2011


Separation is death
and every goodbye a little funeral.
In the Kingdom of heaven there will be no more separation. Those who have followed Jesus to the kingdom will be in perfect fellowship with God and never feel the pain of separation again. We will all at once be aware of all our beloved brothers and sister and our shared love for the Father. There will be nothing left unspoken. We will at last be together forever.

Our bodies are like tents that we live in here on earth. But when these tents are destroyed, we know that God will give each of us a place to live. These homes will not be buildings that someone has made, but they are in heaven and will last forever. While we are here on earth, we sigh because we want to live in that heavenly home. We want to put it on like clothes and not be naked. These tents we now live in are like a heavy burden, and we groan. But we don't do this just because we want to leave these bodies that will die. It is because we want to change them for bodies that will never die. God is the one who makes all of this possible. He has given us his Spirit to make us certain that he will do it. So always be cheerful! As long as we are in these bodies, we are away from the Lord. But we live by faith, not by what we see. We should be cheerful, because we would rather leave these bodies and be at home with the Lord. But whether we are at home with the Lord or away from him, we still try our best to please him.
(2Co 5:1-9)

I am not fond of goodbyes.