Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Sweet Church?

the way
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To attend simply email to get directions for the next location!

  • The Way meets 3 Sunday evenings a month.
  • The Way meets in homes.
  • A pot luck dinner begins around 5:30 – 6:30 followed by Bible Study.
  • There are lots of kids around usually swimming.
  • They Way is like a family bible study at home only bigger!
Here is audio of Tim Paskert one of the movers of this endeavor.

There were quite a few who answered the call. Not to many that we did not all fit in the lovely home, but there was little room to spare. I watched the man of the house call the visitors together and explain the circumstances that shaped his decision to open up his home. I have always respected him because I have seen how he loves his wife and children. I was not the only one watching. His children saw him bring the meeting to order and speaking about his desire to please God with all he had been give. They saw their mother welcoming everyone into their home with love. They watched their home transformed into the meeting place of the church. I was humbled greatly and I loved them more than ever. I was also inspired to see the church taken out of it's typical place and into the open. We shall see what happens from here. You can see too if you like. The email clearly states anyone.