Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ankuash Ecuador Graduates!

I just received an update about a few brothers and a sister I met in Ecuador during the Ankuash trip!

To Ankuash Ecuador and Back!

Merry Christmas! We wish you a blessed season of remembering Christ’s birth.  Here is what’s up-

CEMIM Seminary has its first 15 graduates! After 2  years + of study and 66 credits at the college level, the first 15 students graduated in November. Another 30-35 are well into the process & since CEMIM is a circle-style program, new students can jump onboard during any session. (for more info & pix  see our Facebook albums search

Ankuash Grads 1

Just a little about each graduate: (I’m so proud of each of them; I could go on and on and - - - !)

Octavio: (33) A Shuar tribal chief, school teacher, pastor, natural leader, seminary grad!

Jorge: (48) A mountain Quichua businessman, pastor, gentle & humble, but strong.

Fransisco: (68) Colonizer to the Amazon, lost leg due to snake bite, used to teach catechism.

Marco: (55) X-alcoholic, divorcee, but a new believer in Christ! A natural leader, grad!

Abraham: (25) Newly married, comes all the way from the coast to CEMIM, called to ministry

Rafael: (53) X-alcoholic, divorced then remarried to the same woman! Broken man in Jesus

Ana: (53) Mother of 2, abandoned by husband, deep knowledge of the Word, powerful.

Rolando: (30) New first time father, shy but solid, explosive/detonation expert, a heart for God

Jose M: (38) The little giant. Small in stature, but big in God and in Service, great partner!

Enrique: (46) Mr. Military, cut & dry, very direct, incredible native village leader, powerful!

America: (45) Mrs. Organized, she will set it all up, committed student, Sunday school teacher

Miriam: (46) On fire for God, sharing & teaching all she learns in her church, mission mind

Wimar: (29) Quiet, loves soccer, waiting on his calling & still figuring things out, but solid.

Elias: (46) The frowner, very serious, but very interested & committed Achuar tribe native man

Leonardo: (44) A Shuar tribe pastor who suffered some setbacks, but is now back on track, grad!

don grad

CEMIM graduating students honor Don with a special plaque for his Commitment and service to the Lord’s work in standing behind these graduating students.  (pictured here with Octavio Ankuash - elected spokesperson)

Don just spent some time with the Bible students in their villages. Ramiro formalized his relationship of several years by getting married this weekend. Many of the other students came to support Ramiro in this act of obedience. Don then drove via 4wd into Kumay and then walked into help the students and graduates from Ankuash with their generator, water system, planning a conference and stabilizing some of their food sources.