Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony PCM-M10 digital audio recorder review.

sony PCM-M10

I have been using a Samson Zoom H2 recorder for a couple of years now with good results but for a few reasons have decided to get this as a replacement.
sony PCM-M10sony PCM-M10
  1. Improved sound quality (the h2 was great but the Sony is a bit better).
  2. Battery life: The Sony claims to have a battery life using 2AA that would make it the longest running recorder on the market today.
  3. Manuel record level adjustment while recording using a wheel located on the side of the device.
  4. It has a 5 second pre-record buffer.
  5. A small speaker to preview audio.
The Sony PCM-M10 does not disappoint on almost all counts except the preview speaker. The speaker works but is very weak just as many of the reviews I read on the net suggested. I am very pleased with the build quality and sound quality.  Beside the weak preview speaker I have only one other complaint. The bottom of the unit is rounded and makes it hard to stand on end without it falling.

I am very pleased so far with this device!