Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life on the streets

Today I hit the streets with a couple of little friends. We went in search of a Turkey a friend of mine said he saw while driving. We wandered around old warehouses and walked the railroad tracks and pretty much lived the life of vagrants for a hour or so.


There are a lot of people around our part of town who have chosen to live on the streets. They beg for money in the highway medians and find empty lots with high weeds and clumps of trees to make little camps.



We had a good time walking the streets and roaming around the hidden lots. We walked and talked and stopped at a convenience store for some snacks.


There are all kinds of secret places in every neighborhood. Places where the outcasts hide away from society at large and places where children build secret forts for their secret clubs. You should take a walk sometime in your neighborhood and poke around where the weeds grow high. Just be vigilant and ready to do battle there is danger sure enough. The people on the streets are not there by accident. They do not play well with others!


  1. I used to walk my neighborhoods back in my day... And yes, there are a lot of neat little spots. However, recently they have become more and more occupied with mean people who choose to live like beggers. I don't feel sorry for them. Not one bit. Why? Because I know how hard life is being a single parent and I know that the Lord will give you exactly what you need. There is no need to beg ever! They are quitters in my book. Godless mean people.

  2. Quitters, I like that. That is exatly what most of them are. They have stopped trying to live by any of the good standards that make a community a safe and pleasant place to live. They have quit trying to be productive and the media has made them into heroic victims.

  3. That day was so much fun. Weedon island was cool too


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