Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beth Moore Simulcast at STF

The Beth Moore simulcast was well attended and received at South Tampa Fellowship.

The law of kindness was the topic.

Proverbs 31:26 (specifically the NKJV – “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Beth Moore Simulcast at South Tampa Fellowship

Beth Moore Simulcast at South Tampa Fellowship

Beth Moore Simulcast at South Tampa Fellowship


8 tastes of kindness

1) Kindness is not a weakness. There is difference between kindness and being nice, and went to the Latin definition of nice, which is “nescius” or ignorant. Being nice is just not really knowing, where in kindness we are aware and chose to be kind. Kindness is perfectly capable of speaking a hard word.

2) Kindness is not an action. It is a disposition. “Kind” means that it is profitable, fit for any use, useful towards others, good-natured. You can fake being nice, but kindness you can’t fake. It is the grace which pervades the whole nature.

3) Kindness wears down when we do. One of the works of the spirit of the enemy is to wear us down. She said, “We all have someone we need to feel differently toward. When we are worn down, we need to be built up by the body of Christ.”

4) Kindness looks pain in the face! Job 6:28 where Job says, “Be so kind as to look at me.” And she said not to have face blindness. Be willing to hear more than just “Fine” when you ask someone how they are doing.

5) Kindness is a Savior. Kindness took on flesh and dwelled among us. Jesus not only saved me from the pits of hell, but also from MYSELF! From my own sin and bondages!

6) Kindness has a good memory. Psalm 106:7 says, “they didn’t remember your many kindnesses and they rebelled.” Remember that God has been good to you! Remember the ways!

7) Kindness craves an outlet. When we know God has been kind to us, we want to share it with someone else.

8.) Kindness leaves a legacy. In Acts 28:1-2, we read that the “islanders were showed unusual kindness.” In a study, Beth Moore recently found that on the island of Malta (the same one referenced here in Acts), still some 83% of people are involved in some charitable giving!