Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As Time Goes By

I am just back from an hour in the midst of many little people. This activity is both a joy and a challenge. A joy because the little people and I love each other and a challenge because with love  comes the responsibility of discipline.

As one moves through time along our passage from death unto life there are many opportunities to become wiser. This does not have to occur of course. We can always choose to find a comfortable level of  ignorance and set about fermenting for as long as we like. There is an absolute truth about mankind in the light of our loving Creator. We have been given a will no matter how mysterious it may be, with which we can close ourselves off to anyone we choose, including the aforementioned Creator Himself.

The fact is we use this will mainly for the more trifling task of keeping a comfortably superficial level of communication with those we encounter daily. Little people do not develop this skill to a satisfactory level until they reach  five years of age or more. Some with parents who are experts may start early but without really knowing what it is really about.

This evening I am reminded again by the little people how to live with those around me. Available, vulnerable and lavishly affectionate. Willing to be crushed by rejection, in the slim chance that if I run with faith into the arms of those around me, I will be received with warmth and joy. I will be fiercely protected and will be build up as we live together in Jesus. Truth is  I am rarely built up by my peers. More often I find that they are more often looking for an opportunity to cut down.  On any given week and through dozens of smiling little faces I am convinced that I am loved and valuable. For a small investment of time or the shortest bit of eye contact I am richly rewarded with the reception one would think reserved only for kings and celebrities.

When I receive a child in the name of Jesus I receive Jesus. This is the Kingdom of heaven. This is the choice before the our will given us by the Creator. I will or I will not. Humility or selfish pride. Who is the greatest in the kingdom?


  1. This was very awesome! Very true :)

  2. Well said, Billy! I too am learning to yet return to the ways of a child in child-like faith and love. (And I know I can speak for my two boys ... they LOVE Mr. Billy!! I think you might have a barefoot, outdoorsey buddy in my Wesley.)


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