Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Beach

For over two decades we have been going to the same beach for a week of creation therapy. Putting some distance between me and the place I call home always gives me a little perspective. During this time away my thoughts always turn to family. My own family and families I know and love.The Beach
I have watched year after year as those who come to the beach return one year older. Children who are no longer children and adults who are beginning to fit the senior citizen label.
The Beach
My own father has gone before us to that far away kingdom. We are all headed for Heaven or Hell. It has nothing to do with our behavior but who we follow. It is who we follow that influences everything we are.
The Beach
My father once told me life is to be shared. Truly family is God’s plan. The family you were born into and that dies around you. The family you may be given that you nurture and soon enough go on before to the kingdom of your choosing. To live beyond time with our without your creator.


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