Sunday, March 7, 2010

Operating System Glitch

When your operating system ceases to work you have to reinstall it on a  hard drive. Best to go get you a new one just in case it is the hard drives fault.


That is what I did and now I am reinstalling my software. I am going to use all open source office software as a test. I have successful installed Thunderbird email client, Sunbird calendar and Opensource office. We shall see if they continue to operate satisfactorily.


  1. I use open office and it seems to do the job pretty well, good luck! ~:o)

  2. Good to hear you have had success with it Mrs. Bliss :) I really like how it these opensource programs are working but only have a couple days experience.

  3. Yes Billy, for me it does the same job as microsoft office, and it's free! ~:o)


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