Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The liberal media reported last night that there have been 2,500 reports of accelerator issues with Toyota cars sold in the U.S. Toyota sells over a million cars a year in this country. As for actual accident related to sticking accelerators search as I might I could only find two news stories with this claim. What is the crisis? All this furor is very suspicious to me.

Why does the government need to be involved at all? Are we so helpless and ignorant that we would continue to buy cars that are going to speed us uncontrollably to our deaths? Does Toyota really think it is good business to sell cars that kill their customers. Nonsense This whole mess is about a government out of control and a media that is in continuing to campaign for the current administration.


Winner “The government”

  1. The federal government get to trash it’s biggest competitor in the auto industry. Remember who hold the largest stake in GM and Chrysler.
  2. The federal government can now take this opportunity to grow any bureaucracy connected with highway safety and automobiles and continue to “create jobs”.
  3. The government will soon begin assessing huge penalties after accusing Toyota of criminal negligence allowing them to add new revenue to their hopelessly bankrupt bureaucracy.  


Loser “The American people”

  1. Arguably one of the highest quality automobile makes on the planet is being strong armed out of business by the federal government.
  2. The American citizen will yet again have fewer choices and with less competition causing an inevitable rise prices.
  3. The free market itself is under threat when the government can without compunction engage in one of our countries most stunning conflicts of interest to date.

Why has the media not given us even approximate numbers on all the horrific accidents caused by sticking accelerators all over the country? They either do not exits or the media is not reporting on them.