Friday, February 20, 2009

Low Flow Toilet Shoot.

Here is the HD version by a real pro! Thank you Tyler.

Back in 1994 the government mandated new water capacity standards for toilets. This was the first taste I had of just how inept the government is at accomplishing most anything. They took a noble idea and completely fouled it up. For years we suffered with the very toilet that was put out of it’s misery in the video above. This is what I know about government.

  1. Any project the government takes on will always cost more than twice as much as it would if the same project were undertaken by private interests.
  2. A government project will always cause more problems than it will solve until eventually innovative non-government business are allowed by the government to design and implement real solutions.
  3. The government gets involved in any project to grow itself and never admits mistakes or takes responsibility for wasting the tax payers money because the government knows what is best for you even when you do not.

This low flow toilet had to be flush multiple time per use and as a result did not save water at all. The only thing this toilet provided by the government did was drive us up the wall. Rest in pieces low flow toilet it was not your fault that you were so poorly designed.