Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interesting Presentation On The "Credit Crisis"

I think it would be more accurately called a Greed Crisis mixed in with a Gambling crisis but this was informative.

Now this is the where the Government, the bankers and Wall Street have a problem. They want to continue to make huge profits and become more and more powerful. They want you to continue to have credit available to you so that you can continue to be indebted to them. They do not want to change their ways and they do not want you to change yours. That is why saving has become a dirty word. When you save it is money you have and they do not have access to gamble with.

In fact the financial system that this video describes will never be sustainable and will always lead to collapse when followed. Nobody wants to live within their means. Nobody wants to have to give up all the useless toys and gadgets. It is time to let the correction that must occur to take place. We need to feel the pain to return to a balanced system and then get back to work. We need to save money, spend only what we have and return to an ownership society to prosper in the future.