Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pastor Jeff Parrish Speaks At South Tampa Fellowship.

Today was a lovely Sunday at the South Tampa Fellowship it really seems to me that folks are feeling at home in the new facility. We had our Christmas presentation on Saturday and it was grand.
Today the man who, with God's guidance, helped grow our church body spoke to his former congregation and it was a real lift. It was so nice to hear him in our midst again and to see the Parrish family here and there around the place. It is also quite evident that they are doing well in their new role as the first family of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. Jeff really had that fire in His eyes that I remember from years past and His words flowed freely and with heart warming sincerity. His message on the role of a pastor will help us all to welcome Craig Rees when he takes to the pasture of South Tampa.

Here are is a video and a few images from the Christmas Presentation.

STF A Christmas Tapestry 6STF A Christmas Tapestry 2STF A Christmas Tapestry 3STF A Christmas Tapestry 1STF A Christmas Tapestry 4STF A Christmas Tapestry 5