Friday, September 28, 2007

Swarm II

Swarm II from noshoes on Vimeo.


  1. Nathan and I want to know if you got stung walking amongst the bees? Can you get a picture of the queen bee? Or is that too dangerous?

  2. wow...

    Personally I'd find that quite terrifying. Probably enough to dissuade me from enjoying my backyard until they were looong gone.

    It's quite fascinating from the "safety" of my own computer chair though :)

  3. Nathan & his mommy
    I was landed upon but if you know the bees and do not start wildly flailing you are unlikely to be stung. A bee must give it's life to sting you and once one bee stings a pheromone is released that cause all bees who sense it to attack as well.
    Here is an image with a queen bee I took at a bee seminar few years back. The queen is the largest at the right and center of the image. It has no stripes.

    It is well worth the risk of a sting or three to find yourself completely surrounded by these amazing insects. They are such an example of God's genius in design. They work in harmony not to preserve themselves as individuals but the larger family of bees.
    Next time they swarm you need to be there right in the middle to embrace as many as you can and I need to be recording video cause I think it would be an internet sensation!


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