Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunset Beach Treasure Island Florida

Image Capture and Composite photo location Sunset Beach (Treasure Island) Florida

I had a delightful photo shoot with some friends yesterday evening. It was at a location I had not used before. The weather was nice but the sunset fizzed. We still recorded some lovely images and I even got treated to ice cream. A double scoop of Pistachio in a cone if you must know!

Flickr map is so handy and I am developing a good list of photo shoot sites in the area



  1. well,i just clicked on through to your business website and all i can say is- wow! what an awesome talent He has blessed you with. thanks for the nice comment on flickr.

    isn't it odd, the internet? though we have never and will probably never meet face to face i feel like i know you too and i also like all the pix and videos of people in your church that you post.

    i live on the atlantic north of you and this summer my goal is to photograph the girls on my moms' friends' beach with these sweet ballet outfits on...don't know if i'll have the time though.

  2. just out of curiosity i wanted to see where st petersburg is on a map in relation to my grandmother- she lives in sun city center. small world, ay?

  3. Tis true about the internet.

    If you click the link in the post above "photo shoot sites" and then drag the map due east across Old Tampa Bay just past Macdill Air force Base you will see Sun City Center on the east side of the bay between Ruskin and Wimauma.

    Ballerinas on the beach ay babies are just animated dolls for grown up girls.


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