Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Little Green Frog

Animals are so great. They simply do what they were created to do. They serve their purpose undaunted. I thought about the little frogs I would see quite often last year. I had not seen any this year and decided to go out and look carefully. Within minutes there was a little green frog perched on a big leaf.
All of nature works without and in spite of human influence.

Creation continues because God preserves and perpetuates it. The planet is held in space by the power of God. Does all this stretch God to the limit of His power? It is mere child’s play to Him. He speaks things into existence and He breaths life yet he allows you and I to live our lives with the control to choose for or against Him.

We are not like the animals. We can be extremely wicked or supremely righteous. To have love we must have choice. We cannot live right without God and His Word.

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  1. Yes sir!
    Sage advice, as always.

    this is quite an appealing little fellow :)


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