Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Florida Voters Guides.

If you want to know where the canidates say they stand on the issues here are a number of guides!

* FL Christian Coalition County Ballot Voter Guides
* FL CC Individual Candidate Responses:
* Florida Catholic Conference
* Vote Smart Voter Guides:

Follow Iraq's example and vote


  1. Billy, you're awesome!!! I planned on doing the research for this and you have now saved me the trouble!! Whoo hoooo!!

    Vote on September 5th!!

  2. Well now that is exactly the kind of response I was fishing for. Happy voting and considering your last post you should keep some ear plugs with ya so your little rascle can cry in the car all he wants without it causeing you a head ache

  3. Billy, I second the kudos for posting this. It really helped me sort through my sample ballot...hope to vote early now that I've got the choices all sorted out...Blessings to you!


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