Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Walk to Bayshore

Needed to get out and sweat this afternoon so I hit the road. First thing I saw was a couple of Fritillary Butterflies perpetuating the species.

They are very prevalent in the area and they are orange. The underside of their wings have reflective silver patches that shine brightly in the sun! They have no shame.

Bayshore was sunny and warm and the aquatic creatures were lazily grazing the bottom under the watchful eye of this Heron.

There were plenty of Mullet and Sting rays swimming the shallows and I even caught a few glances at a Snook or two.

The slimy Cat Fish were abundant as well. I do not like to catch them on hook and line but I take great care to see they are returned safely top continue keeping the bay clean and pristine.

I captured an image of this familiar telephone /power pole that has been in the hood for years. Each nail, staple, and tack represents it’s own garage sale, lost animal, open house, or scam add!