Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mystery In The Grand Canyon

A co-worker of my brother and a fellow student of creation provided me with a couple of mystery images. I must say I am stumped.

Surrounded by a protective enclosure we can see what appears to be stacked done of fluffy white/grey something’s. Well there you have it I just solved the mystery and I officially name them “grey white something’s” oh if it were only so easy. My first guess is that these are the product of plant life. Maybe they are seed pods of a tree that grows in the area. The next mystery is the how they found themselves is such a fun little pile. My guess is a rodent of some kind.

You can see in this close up that the fuzz balls are of varying sizes. These may be Cottonwood seeds that have been bundled by the mystery rodent. There is no mystery why the powers that be have fenced them off. You can bet if I ran across this oddity I would have to dig around in it to find out what I could!

Whoever you are out there who knows what this is please relieve our suffering and enlighten us.