Monday, March 30, 2015

All Pro Dad FKE at Raymond James Stadium FKE Tampa 2015

I had the privilege of photographing the Father Kid Experience produced by it the second event I have attended and I am really impressed with the fellowship I am witnessing at these events. In a culture in which fathers and men in general are portrayed as base, abusive, unfaithful, ignorant and all around fools it is encouraging to see these fathers lauded for putting their families first. The best part is seeing the kids realize just how cool it is to have their fathers. Here is what I have witnessed at these events that I do not see in the world.

  • Fathers encouraged to show their affection for their children publiclically.
  • Children thrilled to be wrestling and goofing around with their fathers.
  • Fathers given an opportunity to publically bless their children with words that affirm them. 
  • Children in turn writing down the character traits they admire in their fathers.
  • Respected sports and business figures in the community sharing wisdom about family. FKE Tampa 2015

Tyler had his new DJI Inspire on hand!