Friday, May 9, 2014

Unbeatablesale Inc.

A Haws replacement rose set is needed. To the internet, try amazon first. There is one!
Amazon has one but the shipping is high, it is not prime and is fulfilled by a marketplace vender named unbeatable sale. Who is going to beat amazon’s price $19.07 shipped? Order button clicked.
An hour and a half later ………….. You know that item cannot cost more than $2.00 to manufacture. There has to be a better price. Search again for a different vendor.
That is much better, about $6 cheaper. Let’s go back and cancel the order from amazon. Cancel order button clicked. An email is sent to the unbeatablesales. An automated reply is sent. The order is not cancelled. A day later the amazon cancel button is still active and a second cancel request is sent. Another automated reply. Take a closer look at unbeatablesale inc. policy page.
Once an order is received it cannot be cancelled. How can this be? amazon has a policy that gives the option to cancel if the item has not been shipped. unbeatable sale has a policy that is in direct conflict with amazon’s and yet they are allowed to sell in the market place.
Time to leave a seller review!
Review left, resigned to paying more than necessary.
The phone rings the next day!
more than happy to issue a full refund……………the system will not allow me to proceed with the full refund while your feedback is present………….we sent you an email with instructions on how to remove the feedback!
Wow these jokers are slick. check email.
Well lookie there, what clear and concise instructions. If they are followed there is the promise of a full refund and you get to keep the item!
Do you delete your review warning your fellow citizens of policy conflict or remove it and keep the item at no charge?
Package arrives.
Wow, it is from Bosmere where I wanted to buy the item at the lower price of $12.54 shipped, not $19.07 shipped. That is over $6.00 more to have unbeatablesale inc. place the order for you using their obnoxious process.
The real offence here is amazon and other online retailers continuing to allow another business to have a policy that makes their own good policy invalid while still representing the item as having the protection of that policy. It is easy to see how it generates big profits but it is an offence to the customer.
Stay savvy citizen. The less we fall for these kinds inefficient business practices the stronger our nation and economy will become., Inc.
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Always be suspicious of items with lower purchase prices combined with higher than average shipping prices!
Always avoid internet businesses headquartered New Jersey!
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