Monday, May 5, 2014

Screech Owl Fledglings

The World Outside

These miserable little owl have made it a long way. You can see the first to hatch has been getting the lion’s share of the food and the last or the weakest is getting very little food and is quite puny. From the time they were in their eggs everything has been out to get them. Squirrels, other birds and even bees looking for a new home.

This is not underserved. As I have observed these little rapture I have come to the conclusion that though they are small they are fearsome. They are the stuff of nightmares for any little creature sleeping in the yards of our neighborhood. The come silently at night with their stabbing hooked talons and snatch you away to the veracious beaks of their insatiable young.

They will soon be looking for territories of their own and start the process over.