Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hammock Under the Owl House

I cranked up Grandma's ole Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine and stitched me a new hammock! The last hammock was torn asunder when an over abundance of children piled themselves on it.

I then decided to revolutionize my hammock hanging procedure by sewing myself some custom hang straps. See video below.

Custom Hammock StrapsCustom Hammock Straps

To top it all off the very Camphor tree to which one of my custom straps is attached has an Owl house in it I placed a couple years back. In that house there now resides a happy couple of Screech Owls who I glimpse only last night doing the thing that fertilizes eggs.

Owl in the house 2013Owl in the house 2013

What an eventful two days it has been!