Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Bird In The Flock

Little Buff Orpington

While at Shell’s Feed getting the months supply of chicken pellets I stopped by to visit the chicks. Much to my surprise they were selling a breed that I have always wanted to raise, Buff Orpingtons. This is the breed that originally re-awakened my interest in have back yard chickens .

1051-2T  These are described as big fluffy, friendly birds and after all the drama that goes on in the pen with our laying hens, I am looking forward to a kinder, gentler bird wandering around the place. I have enjoyed the laying hens I ordered a few years back but I regret not holding out for Orpingtons. I gave a lot of the birds I away and people liked them but if they had been Orpingtons I think they would have really been pleased over the years!

Little Buff Orpington

So far our Orp has proven to be a plucky little hen. She is growing fast and likes to be close. You really have to watch if you let here walk on the ground. She tries to scurry under foot every chance she gets.