Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Week at Anna Maria Island

Every year for many many years our family spends a week at the beach. This all started with a rare lapse in judgment by my father. Timeshares are a scam but if you keep them for over 20 years you break even. You pay a considerable amount of money to purchase the week you will stay followed by years of ever increasing maintenance fees. You may sell your week but two thousand dollars go back to the originators of the scheme off the top.

Anyhow over the years we have enjoyed our little room at the beach over the years and this year was no exception. After a few years family started to take notice and one after another began purchasing units at the resort. Now every year is like a little family reunion.

Anna Maria 2012

This is a five generation image. The old fellow on the left is my granddad who started it all. He is man who loves Jesus.

Anna Maria 2012 

Every morning he and his wife sit by the shore having their coffee and watching the world go by! They stay two weeks.

On our last day this year I had a great photo opportunity! A Yellow Crowned Night Heron had attempted to make a meal of a Ghost Crab but the crab had turned the tables.

Anna Maria 2012

Anna Maria 2012Anna Maria 2012

There is so much to see as you beachcomb. This year tropical storm Debby reclaimed much of the beach but this produced little tide pools. There was just enough left for sun bathing and when the tide was low the sand bar 40 yard form the beach was great for standing out in the water!

Anna Maria Island 2012Anna Maria Island 2012

The water was clear cool and colorful with sand dollars 25 feet down. My favorite thing to do is to swim lazily up and down the shore over the sand bar looking for sand dollars while the Jack Mackerel circle me in the water!

We live in such a beautiful part of the world and thanks to God we have the freedom to appreciate it. Never take our liberty for granted and always remember it is because we are a country who's laws are based in God's Word that we have the peace and prosperity we enjoy!