Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Today and Starling Vs. Flicker

In the Garden

The Garden is looking just great! We had two days with some rain and the plants are beefing up!

In the GardenIn the Garden

The corn is blooming and I am waiting for my bees to get busy pollinating! I started having some serious problems with caterpillars in the whorls. A friend recommended Neem Oil and it works!

In the Garden

I just purchased a grow tower from shell’s feed store for $75 and it is great! 20 plants in a very small space!

In the Garden

Today as I was leaving the house I noticed that the Flicker nesting in one of my bird houses was very agitated. I then saw a Starling hanging around. I knew something was up but did not know just what. Starlings are a non-native species and very aggressive . I thought a wood pecker would be to much for one and went on my way. Three hours later when I returned home I heard bird screams coming from the box. I ran to the shed and retrieved the ladder. When I reached the top I could see a flapping wing at the entrance so I grab on and tugged. Out pops the Starling wing in hand followed by the flicker. The Starling got away and the Flicker flew off. I checked the box and sure enough the Flickers had laid eggs. One was destroyed but the other seemed to be intact. I do not know if the Flickers will return and I am very disappointed. They had been in and around this box for the last month and were there to greet me in the mornings as I would go outside and in the evening just before dark.