Sunday, September 11, 2011

Box Trap "A Love Story"

I love this trap!


A trap is essentially a simple machine. It is built for the purpose of automatically capturing and keeping creatures that trip the triggering device while trying to obtain food. You set it, walk away and return at your leisure to see if there is a creature securely contained inside.

The box trap I constructed has been so successful for the purpose I designed it for that the sense of satisfaction I receive every time I find it occupied is just great! I am only using it to relocate squirrels and any other furry mammal that happen to be captured, but I am aware that if it ever came to it I could consistently put food on the table with one of these contraptions.

This morning just before church I peered out the window to see if the trap had been tripped but it was nowhere to be seen. I looked further and realized it had been moved. During the night a rat had set it off and my brother had moved it into a more secure location. As you can see in the video I let the rat go so I could set the trap before leaving for church. Ten minutes after setting it I had another squirrel, number twelve I believe.

I took it to church with me to let it go. Yes I thought about what it would be like to let it go in the church ala Ray Stevens. I know how much Jesus would laugh at the sight of his children running all over the room, but I am sure most people in the church do not have as gracious a sense of humor as my Jesus does so I just let it go near some big oaks trees. Enjoy the video!