Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Things Bright And Beautiful

I recently purchased All Things Bright And Beautiful. Amazon has it at the time of this posting for $7.99. Now I rarely ever buy albums but Adam Young in a curious sort of musician. I am a fan of electronic style music and his seemingly nonsensical strings of melodious words are soothing and thought provoking. He uses lots of current pop culture words and phrases and takes your mind on a strange little trip. I first discovered him after stumbling onto a song called "Meteor shower". Now the sound was very compelling but the message was one I felt I understood immediately. I know God and it sounded to me like Adam knows Him to. I did a little searching around and found that he is on a journey of truth as well. His music is fun and has that multdimensional make up that keeps me interested. I hope he is able to gracfully avoid all that the world has to offer as his fame grow.