Wednesday, June 22, 2011

South Tampa VBS 2011 Day 3

This is the half way point of our VBS for 2011. There are no guarantees in life other than the one. God’s will gets done in all circumstances. Looking back over the time that has flown by, and counting the time from Davis Islands Baptist Church first Vacation Bible School to this year’s South Tampa Fellowship VBS amounts to 15 years. There are a few of us who have been there for each one. God has been so gracious to give us so many. Churches come and go but God is always present with his people.

1997 - The Wild and Wonderful Good News Stampede: Telling Others about Jesus

1998 - StarQuest - A Galactic Good News Adventure

1999 - Mt. Extreme: The Ultimate Good News Challenge

2000 - The Fantastic Good News Ocean Odyssey: Diving into the Depths of God's Faithfulness

2001 - Truth Trackers and the Secret of the Stone Tablets

2002 - Amazon Outfitters: On Expedition With the One True God

2003 - The Great Kingdom Caper: Cracking the Character Code

2004 - Far-Out Far East Rickshaw Rally: Racing to the Son

2005 - Ramblin’ Road Trip – Which Way Do I Go? Club VBS: Beach Blast

2006 - Arctic Edge: Where Adventure Meets Courage Club VBS: SpaceQuest

2007 - Game Day Central: Where Heroes are Made Club VBS: Jungle Jaunt

2008 - Outrigger Island: Living God’s Unshakeable Truth Club VBS: Cactus Canyon

2009 - Boomerang Express: It All Comes Back to Jesus Club VBS: Truth Trek

2010 - Saddle Ridge Ranch: Roundin’ Up Questions, Drivin’ Home Answers Club VBS: Route 254

2011 – Big Apple Adventure: Where faith and life connect.

Over the years many mother’s at our church have stepped up to take on the monumental task of organizing each Vacation Bible School. In the beginning we did two weeks in half the space we have now. Women like Sandy Ayers, Leslie Durance, Beth Wiggins while caring for their own families have taken up the cause for the opportunity to spread the gospel. Years have past and many of the people who have made these events happen are on to other things. We are thankful to them for the standards they have set that continue to serve our church today. I see many of the children who were infants when it all began now leading groups of the next generation through the halls to their next activity.
Day three has been great!
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
Today was the ABC challenge. Admit, Believe, Confess. Everyone is presented with the message and as with everything we hear in our lives we must make a decision.
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
Many of the children responded and our pastors started them on their life long journey with Jesus by sitting with them one on one to give testimony to Christ in their own lives and answer specific questions.
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
Here is pastor Todd getting to answer a very astute question from one of the little people. “Who invented God? “, she asks. Yeah Todd who did invent God?
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
While the older children are orbiting the building the hordes of children the volunteers have produced are in the preschool area. This is a place of anguish and torment for everyone involved with only a monetary time of quite while the little humans push snacks of all kinds into their drooling little mouths. This is truly the frontlines of Christian service!
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
You do not have to work with the little people to make a invaluable contribution.
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3
Ladies and gentlemen the beautiful VBS dancers or if you prefer the choreography girls. They are really good and the kids respond enthusiastically.
South Tampa Fellowship VBS 2011 Day 3 
Pizzas up!