Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gasparilla Numb Skulls 2011

police copy

Check out calls for service it is always enlightening.

The police once again were working overtime trying to babysit all the drunks despite having clearly informed everyone of the zones in which you could break the law and not be arrested. The fun thing about drinking copious amounts of alcohol is the point at which anyones judgment is so impaired they cease to act responsibly.

There should be no event sanctioned by the city that allow liquor laws to be temporarily suspended. It is irresponsible and negligent on the part of the authorities. Unfortunately gasparilla is one of those days when all the city leaders are stumbling down Bayshore immune to prosecution inside the parade route inebriated. Our public officials have shown us time after time that when there is money to be made the safety of the public comes second.

The criminal defense attorney, alcohol distributers and the courts will all be making a killing :)

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