Thursday, January 6, 2011

Attempt to stop predictive auto dialers.

I am using a disconnected phone line tone aka S.I.T. (Special Information Tones), at the beginning of my answering machine message.

The predictive dialer monitors the answers to the calls it places, detecting how the calls it makes are answered. It discards unanswered calls, busy numbers, disconnected lines, answers from fax machines, answering machines and similar automated services, and only connects calls answered by people to waiting sales representatives. Thus, it frees agents from the task of manually dialing telephone numbers and subsequently listening to ring tones, unanswered or unsuccessful calls.


We receive about 12 calls  a week which our answering machine picks up as nothing but white noise or on occasion some recorded message designed in some way to induce us to send money to the organization who is irritating us with said phone call.

Now if i need it I already have it or will get it without being told  by some slimy sales person I must have it. If something is worthy of my money which there is little of to begin with I do not need to hear a sales pitch to know I want or need it. Sales pitches are for items or services that are not valuable enough to sell themselves based on their own merits. In others word if someone is trying to see you on something that something is no good.

This is the first day of the test and I have received two calls as I write this post.

Uncharacteristically both calls were not followed by white noise but by two recorded messages. Also uncharacteristically both messages got stuck in a loop which I am going to surmise is a positive sign that the auto dialer might be cycling as a result of processing a disconnected number tone. I know this just might be wishful thinking but time will tell if the calls do indeed stop coming!