Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescued Chilean miners sponsored by Oakley?

I was watching a few of the miners being rescued this afternoon when I noticed one of the women waiting for her loved one wearing what looked like very expensive glasses. I then began to notice that just about everyone I saw had on pricey sun glasses. This was strange to me because it was not like the miners were emerging after weeks of being in complete darkness.I knew something had to be up when the miners started popping out of the pipe with Oakley's on even after the sun had set. They had to have taken them down the pipe ahead of time and I am wondering if they paid the miners money to wear the $160 glasses.

The sacred made profane. All in all I found it repulsive that this event was so exploited in so many ways but pimping sunglasses to the entire world using trapped miners is above and beyond crude. I would have much rather seen joy in the eyes of those men as they were literally brought back from the grave.  The only way I can see this as even slightly acceptable  is if the entire thing was a stunt by Oakley from the very beginning! Considering this post it is working.

At the risk of insulting all those status seeking wannabes who are sure that plopping down the ridiculous cash for the glasses their hero's get paid to wear will bring them the same benefits in life and not just make them look like desperate inferior human being grasping at the smallest sliver of fame  I am going to have  to say anyone who would pay over $50 for sun glasses is a sucker:)

Welcome home fellows we are overjoyed you are back on the surface where you belong and we are amazed by all the truly skillful folks who will never get as much press and Oakley will but in fact are the true heroes in this fiasco.

Even the liberal relativist media had something to say.


  1. miner eyes were dilated after being the dark for so long. sunglasses were to protect their eyes. did you want them to go blind?

  2. I agree Billy... It seems that today the world is all about getting what they can and they will use our pity and sympathy's if they can profit from it. As for the Anonymous person's comment, all I have to say to that is; Billy never said he wanted them to go blind or that they shouldn't have had on glasses he just made a point in asking- did they really have to come out in 160 dollar pair of sunglasses? If anyone believes that those miners deserved it, then why not give all the lasik surgey people one too since they spend thousands for the eye surgery, right?


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