Sunday, October 3, 2010

Piggly Wigglet


The books read to us at bed time by our parents are the dearest books we will ever know.

piggy wiglet

The image in the book….


the image my father painted in our room when my brother and I were children.


  1. Great story time, Mr Billy! Cheryl and I really enjoyed it. It been a long time since we have been read too, especially by our favorite friend :0)

  2. Happy you like it girls and I hope you and your lovely Cheryl had sweet dreams a bed time :)

    My Father was so faithful reading to us. The people who really love you are the ones who cast out the darkness that tries it's best to creep in day to day. With God we can have a bright joyful life in the middle of a dark world. God bless you all today.


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