Sunday, October 31, 2010


Funny thing about infatuation. An individual never really knows the extent of it until an expectation is not met. When the object of the infatuation is not in step with the anticipations of the infatuated, watch out. When this disruption occurs the full impact of secret and unexpressed  affections cause what can be described as an emotional cave in. This occurrence causes an imbalance which demands action. The action taken can bring a return to equilibrium or further imbalance.   

Then you get a good night sleep and forget it ever happened.

What is most important to understand is the difference between infatuation and true love.

  • infatuation wants to possess
  • Love gives away
  • infatuation comes and goes
  • Love never fails
  • infatuation see the surface
  • Love sees the depths
  • infatuation fears abandonment
  • Love fears nothing
  • infatuation lies
  • Love tells the truth
  • infatuation is human
  • God is love
We are all continually infatuated with so many things and so many people so much of the time. The saving grace of this condition is the ability through Jesus to transform our infatuations into true Love!


  1. How interesting and true.
    You know... with me... I'll be infatuated with someone and then when they don't respond how I expected it, I'll do a total 18o, just like you said. I'll try to delete them or forget them and not care anymore, But of course that usually leaves me depressed and feeling unattractive and unwanted. It's a terrible thing.. I hate it personally. But at the same time, I guess it gives me a push into fearful waters so to speak.
    Don't really know if that's actually a good thing or not though. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  2. God's desire for us never fails.

  3. Infatuation occurs. Truth is, one never knows until passage of time when the object of one's affection exhibits enough character defects OR personal habits as to be unacceptable as a forever partner. This does not hold true for soul mates who for whatever reason are not suitable for a forever partner. A simple remedy for indecision is to realize that we all have our warts and hangups and are not perfect and to make a decision whether we can accept someone for who they are with no motive to make them who we'd rather they's be...I' think there's an old religious song that goes "just as I am", I take you to hold and to love through thick and thin and never to leave or break my bond with you. Is that agape love? All of it hurts, is bittersweet when you are the one abandoned and it's rarely forgotten. If you don't take a chance and grab the brass ring, sometimes it never comes back. "Take what you like and leave the rest."


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