Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rays Win A Spot

Tuesday night as the 17,891 who came to Tropicana Field to witness the 5-0 win against the Orioles.


Ironically There I was, someone who cares naught for professional sports, watching the Rays convincingly win a spot in post season play. Section 209, Row B, seat 14, press level with a $29 ticket I did not pay a dime for.

The economy is turning the minds of the populace to more significant things like food, clothing and shelter and as sports organizations  do everything in their power to make it more difficult for the fans to witness their games the economy continues to slump. I have to say as much as I am upset by peoples worship of sport in general I did experience some of the excitement of the game in the post game celebration with players running around spraying champagne all over everyone.


Thanks to Bill Carl for inviting me Kevin Dodson for driving us all and Dan confessing he has developed an allergy to shellfish and mollusks. I enjoyed the fellowship and even some of the game.